Safety & Security

Safety and Security at the Kansas City Auto Show

Know Before You Go

It is a primary goal that we conduct a safe and secure event. In order to fulfill that goal, we are implementing the use of metal detectors at key entrances to the Auto Show at Bartle Hall. Everyone entering the building for the purpose of attending the Kansas City Auto Show shall walk through the magnetometers or shall be screened if a patron cannot walk through the metal detectors. While the screening of patrons is voluntary, refusal to do so may result in denial of entry even if you have purchased a ticket.

We urge all auto show patrons to leave any type of weapons in your car or some other safe area. Items which set off the metal detectors or are deemed to be unsafe or a threat to the public at this venue, are not permitted. Security personnel working the event will not hold these items for attendees.

No weapons of any type are allowed in the Kansas City Auto Show, even if you have a concealed carry license. All items are subject to inspection by security personnel.

NEW BAG INSPECTION POLICY: All items, bags and backpacks are subject to visual inspection by security personnel. When an infant is present, diaper bags and strollers are permitted.

We are committed to the safety of our guests, workers, and staff. Please do your part to uphold this commitment.